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  1. My favorite thing are baby clothes. When I go to GAP, I end up spending most of my time in Baby Gap. It's a curse because I've been baby hungry for so long and Drew won't let me spend too much money on my nieces and nephews. Anyways- these above are my niece Hazel's clothes. I thought it'd be nice for her mom to have later in life..or even for Hazel to see what she wore as a 6-month old.

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    1. Brittny said...

      too cute!! I love baby gap too, I just hate going there because I know I will want to buy everything and I can't:)... Glad we finally got to meet. You and Drew will be the cutest parents! It was so fun being able to work with you on our family photos. Thanks again for taking them. Oh and we aren't super photogenic so I hope you were able to get a few decent ones:)