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  1. Normally, I don't post anything but photographs, but I thought this post might help some of you, about-to-be-married-but-have-no-wedding-planner people. I have some amazing friends with some amazing talent and I think it would be best to tell you all what they can do, and how they can make your wedding an even better day!

    Aubrey Messick , is a floral designer based out of Orange County, California. I have been watching her designs on her blog and am blown away every time. I have never worked with her, but I have grown up with her, and what I read from her clients, and her blog, she is VERY easy to work with. She doesn't go against what the bride wants, she IS what the bride wants. AND she loves her job! Who would have thought. ( This photo by him)

    THEN, there is the lovely Alexis Munoa Dyer. She is a jazz vocalist and so amazing! I have heard her sing live, plenty of times and never want to stop listening. Don't we all love live music, and ESPECIALLY at a wedding reception? It makes the night so much more romantic and you don't have to worry about making a playlist or making sure the IPOD doesn't explode on you while you're having your first dance as husband & wife. You just leave it up to the musicians to do the thing they are best at. Check her blog out here (not updated ever I don't think), and from there, you can listen to some of her stuff on ITUNES. She is a local San Diego'in but lives in Provo right now.

    I will only post 2 for now...and I'm sure more later. I HAVE TONS OF FRIENDS! AND TONS OF FRIENDS WITH TALENT!

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    1. e.wilson said...

      those flowers are bee eee utiful. i love them.
      k, bye.

    2. alexismdyer said...

      you're too sweet! thanks for the shout out. xoxo