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  1. I think I like to photograph brides a lot more than I think...because I have way too much fun blogging about them. If you can't remember Karalee, here she is with her husband...Wedding photos coming soon. You can view/order these bridals HERE!.

  2. 5 heart-to-hearts:

    1. these are beautiful! i love the umbrellas..especially the one towards the middle that looks backlit (? because they're translucent?.. i don't know)

    2. i LOVE that her bridesmaids came along! what a great idea, i wish i had done that when i got married!

      these are gorgeous!

    3. Anonymous said...


      What beautiful photos! Can't wait to see the rest! Thank you so much!


    4. Katie said...

      I wanted to tell you that you did such an amazing job!! Karalee looks absolutely gorgeous...and we don't look too bad either :) Thank you!


    5. Karalee said...

      hi elise!! thank you soooo much, you did such a wonderful job capturing me with my very best friends-my sisters!! i can't wait to see the wedding pictures!!! so exciting!! i LOVE the way these turned out!