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  1. "It was the last week in September when I saw that infamous plus sign. I really didn't believe it. (the box said “over 99% accurate, but you never know). My doctor confirmed it that day and it was official. It was a Thursday and I didn’t want to tell Jon until Friday so I could do something special and have the weekend to soak it all in. It was so hard saying our prayers that night, I almost slipped. On Friday I told him to get off work a little early because I had made “reservations” at the Fisherman’s on the pier in San Clemente. We had the most beautiful setting right against the railing over the crashing waves. The sun was an hour away from setting and I thought about just blurting it out several times while eating, but I knew I wanted to hug him after I told him and sitting across the table from each other makes it hard to hug. I remember some point at dinner asking him where he sees us a year from now, to which he said “hopefully here in san clemente and hopefully you will be pregnant.” He had no idea what was coming, and for some reason, we both thought it would take us longer than usual to get pregnant. We finished dessert, paid the server, and went for a walk along the pier. I remember telling jon as we started to leave the restaurant that I had butterflies in my stomach and he just laughed and said “what?” “Oh, never mind,” I said. I saw an empty bench along the pier, it was right over the surfers so I knew it would be easy to get jon to stop and watch. We both were standing on the bench and I grabbed a little box out of my purse, which happened to be the same box his ring came in, and said, “Hey jon, remember this box?” Of course he didn’t remember that it was what his wedding ring came in, but that was irrelevant. I told him to see what was inside. It was a special surprise. He looked so confused when I handed it to him. He opened it slowly and took out a small magnet with a frame that read “I heart daddy.” Inside the frame, I had replaced the picture of the little kid with a little note that read, “dear daddy, I am excited to meet you, and mommy.” I watched his face closely as he read and let each word sink in. He looked back at me with big eyes and a face that I will truly never forget and before he said anything, I confirmed what he was thinking and said, “I’m pregnant.” In a happy and shocked way he said, “are you serious?” and from there we just hugged as our eyes filled up with tears. I then asked if he was excited and he said “yes, really excited.” It was one of those moments where we stood in our own little world for a while, unaware of the crowds of people walking on the pier around us or even the surfers below. As far as we were concerned, we were the only two people on the pier that night and that bench will always be ‘our bench.’ It was a surreal moment and I’m glad I got to taste a little of the anxiety and preparation that jon went through before proposing to me. We just couldn’t stop smiling and hugging all night."

    Congratulations Jill! This story makes me want to get pregnant, just so I can have a story of my own like this! Here's to lovers & first borns!!! We will be doing maternity shots in California, the end of April, early May !!!!

    And thanks to everyone that participated. I had a TON of great stories, but this one took the cake. There are many runner ups...and I will be emailing you about what your prize is!!

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    1. Jess said...

      holy shit this post scared the crap out of me.... i was like "WHAT ELISE CAN NOT BE PRGNANT!!!!!" then quickly "WHO THE H#$% IS JOHN?!?"

      oo kay i get it now woah.

    2. Liese said...

      this is the cutest thing ive ever heard of! this should like be in a movie! I loveeeeeeee this so much!