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  1. The Weepies


    I have this thing with musicians. Of course I am married to one, but I love to photograph them. I try my hardest to get early to a show (like sound check) and photograph them, OR right after when they're talking to fans or just finished the encore. With The Weepies, I didn't get the chance. My flight taxi'd forever at the LB airport so I was late for the opener (my husband's band Parlor Hawk). Anyways- maybe one day I'll take portraits of them and their kiddies. If you haven't yet seen them live, you've gotta! They're so amazing, as musicians, a couple, and people.

    This was back in October by the way.

    PS. I'm sorry for the lack of blogging. Shame on me.

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    1. Umm, so I love The Weepies. I don't know much of them in terms of their journey to semi-stardom or what they're like in real life, but their music is just wonderful. Glad you got to see/meet them.