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  1. As you may know I am a huge fan of Parlor Hawk (not just because my husband plays in the band ;) but because I also love their music. They released their album YESTERDAY on iTunes and I'm feeling like its time for a giveaway! The last give-away I did went so well, I thought I'd do another one, but with Drew's music combined. Here are the deets:

    You get 1 free photo session of your choice or 1.5 free hours towards your wedding day (whether you've booked it or not yet) AND a free Parlor Hawk T-shirt, 1 free physical album (gift-wrapped to give to a friend), + probably some free tats. 

    How to win? 7 ways: 

    2 entries -   start following my blog (if you are already following my blog, tell me)
    2 entries -   start following Parlor Hawk's blog (it's fairly new)
    2 entries -   get someone to follow my blog
    2 entries-    get someone to follow Parlor Hawk's blog
    5 entries -   make a blog post on your blog about Parlor Hawk's iTunes release (see the side banner, and use that code to put it on your blog if you'd like). 
    10 entries - buy their album on iTunes and make a comment about it (on their iTunes wall)
    10 entries - for every person you get to buy their album on iTunes + comment (on their iTunes wall) This only counts if you buy the album AND comment, we can see who buys albums but just to make sure we have the names correct, please comment.

    Points are to be recorded as comments in this post (you know the drill). If you don't tell me, I won't know. For example: start following my blog, write a comment telling me you did. If you made a blog post, send me the link to your blog post in a comment. 

    Best of luck and enjoy the tunes! Deadline? June 23 @ 10pm.

    I can't make any promises, but I MIGHT give this to more than one winner.... because if it went anything like the last give-away, I can't just give it to one person!

  2. 11 heart-to-hearts:

    1. Hey Elise I became a follower of your blog and parlor hawk! Love it I am excited to buy their cd on itunes

    2. kara lynn said...

      I am definitely a follower of your blog.

      p.s. i LOVE your photography! so beautiful.

    3. Steph said...

      Elise - I've been following your blog for a long time without actually becoming a "follower", but now I am! I'm also now following Parlor Hawk, bought their album and commented (as fannie). This is all thanks to my amazing friend Masha! Hope she wins!

    4. woah what an awesome giveaway!! im a follower of your blog!!

    5. Anonymous said...

      Yo Elise, I am now offically a follower of the blog... Chalk it up as a victory for M&M!! Pics look great by the way...You could have featured Masha a bit more since she is the only one worth looking at, but other than that you did a great job. Thanks!

    6. Anonymous said...

      Also, I am now a follower of Parlor Hawks blog... Chalk it up!!

    7. Unknown said...

      I follow your blog- count the Moss's in!

    8. Unknown said...

      Wow, Elise. I'm you and Drew's new biggest fans. Just bought the album, highly recommended it, blogged about it, and am loyal followers of BOTH of you! You guys are fabulous!! Destined for great things! And I totally want to win this beyond fabulous prize--I need photos!!!
      Now going to recommend to all my peeps...

    9. Dasha said...

      Hi Elise my little sister Masha (yes our names rhyme-embarrassing) told me about this contest. I'm now a follower of both this blog and Parlor Hawk's. Hope this helps her win some sweet wedding photos!

    10. Hey Elise I just bought the Parlor Hawk album on itunes. Love it!

    11. Molly said...

      So I'm a little late on the deadline...hope that I can still be considered!

      I love your work. I'd love to have an all film session with you. I don't know if you offer that kind of thing, but I'm now a follower of your blog, of Parlor Hawk's blog and I purchased the cd + added a comment to the cd.

      If I don't qualify, no biggy! Just figured I'd try:) Parlor Hawk is a great band too! Best of luck in your work!