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  1. My husband Drew's band Parlor Hawk opened for these fabulous people, The Civil Wars late January in SLC. I just got the film developed so was finally able to post these- but it's perfect timing to introduce you to this incredible duo because their first full-length album just released LAST WEEK! And it's been at the top of iTunes since! Go take a listen and buy a copy for yourself. You won't regret it. Oh and after you buy it, find out where they're playing nearest you cuz you gotta see them live!

    Delta 3200

  2. 2 heart-to-hearts:

    1. Matthew said...

      Great pics from a a great show. These really show the rapport the two artists have. They are deserving of all their accolades. I also quite enjoyed Parlor Hawk =)

    2. wish i could have been there. these photos are are so great elise.